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Vermont Adult Learning helps adult learners, ages 16 and older, acquire reading, writing, math, and computer skills to earn high school diplomas/GEDs. We teach English Language Learners skills to advance educationally and at work. We engage in workforce development. Our services are offered at no cost and are available in person and online.  Text VAL to 833-900-0907 or contact our Learning Center nearest to you to learn more!

Interested in remote learning? Check out VAL’s Online Learning Center (OLC) course catalog.

Note for in-person learning: We no longer require masks in our learning centers. Anyone at high risk or wishing to continue wearing a mask for other reasons is welcome to do so. We will continue to have masks available in our centers for those who need them.

Those who choose to wear a mask do so because it is a decision they have made for their health and safety. Vermont Adult Learning expects that decision to be respected. If you have concerns about your safety, please let us know so we can discuss options to address them.

Learning Matters Blog and VAL Updates

Students Speak: “This virus changed our family’s daily life” (6/8/2020) - This pandemic has affected me and my family because of my three-year-old godson.Since he was a baby he has had early onset scoliosis. In March he had a big surgery to get a growing rod put in his back. Before we left the hospital, the nurses and doctors told us that if he got this virus right out of surgery, it would kill him. Because of his weak immune system and central core disease, he will always be a high risk person, so my sister and brother-in-law and I have to be very careful going out in public. When we…

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In These Times: Message from Hal Cohen, VAL’s Executive Director (6/3/2020) - I have been so troubled by the killing of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police, the false accusations of Amy Cooper against an African American man bird watching in Central Park, the killing of the unarmed jogger Ahmaud Arbery at the hands of two white men alleging that they were making a "citizen's arrest."  Sadly, the list of unjust deaths of black men and also black women goes on and on.   Earlier this week, Governor Phil Scott said, "I hear what you have to say and I know we not only need to continue to hear it, but…

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“Every day I dream to get my degree” ~Peguy (6/2/2020) - Hometown:  Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Education in the DRC:  Peguy commenced studies in the DRC, intending to become a doctor.   Reason for Leaving:  Education.  Arrival in the United States:  Peguy arrived in the United States on April 7, 2016 via the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program.  He emigrated, leaving his mother and sister behind in the DRC. Languages:  French, Lingala, Kikongo and English Job(s) in Vermont:  Peguy works full-time at the University of Vermont (UVM).  He works a second job in food service.  His typical work week is 64 hours.  Ambition:  “I now dream to study business management…

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Students Speak: I’m really looking forward to being able to take my daughter to the park again (6/1/2020) - The coronavirus pandemic has affected me in several ways. One way it’s affected me is that it’s made it very difficult to buy essential items that I need because other people are panic buying. For people like me who, unfortunately, only have state assistance for income, it makes it hard to get what we need when everyone is stocking up on unnecessary stuff that’s most likely going to go bad before they can use it all. I can’t even buy tissue for my household because people are going around buying 5 or 6 12-packs at a time. One 12-pack of…

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Students Speak: Covid-19 changed my family’s daily routine (5/26/2020) - I have been through other pandemics: SARS, H1N1, Ebola and Zika. Those were nothing like Covid-19. This virus has changed my family's daily routine. Never did I think I would be home, teaching my kids. I have taken on extra roles; I am now a mother, teacher, lunch lady, principal and a janitor. I don’t mind my kids being at home, but what I do mind is all the fun things they are missing. My son, a freshman in high school, just missed a trip to Canada. He was really looking forward to that. My daughter, an eighth grader, was…

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