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Nicole: Living her values as a Weatherization Crew Member


Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2022, at 12:33 PM

Nicole, age 37, spent several years working in human services before deciding she wanted to build a career in weatherization.  She had managed farmers’ markets and advocated for EBT options so Vermonters experiencing low incomes could purchase fresh, local foods.  She organized a program that sent 120 volunteers into K-3 public school classrooms to help students develop literacy skills.  She also worked for mental health agencies.  


“I was working and looking for a career change,” Nicole said.  “I’d been toggling between environmental sustainability and human services in my search for purpose-driven work.”


Weatherization was a long-simmering interest for Nicole.  Weatherization checked so many boxes or her:  sustainability, poverty relief, social determinants of health, and addressing the inequitable impacts of climate change.


“I got on my computer, read about Energy Works, and decided I was just going to apply,” Nicole said.  “I’m glad I did.  The instructor was so knowledgeable and relaxed.  Any question I had, he willingly answered.  His teaching style was very conversational.  He did a fantastic job.  Going hands on, within the first days, was extremely helpful.  It helped me ask myself, ‘Can I handle working in an attic or being in a basement for half a day?’ (She could.)  It was boots on the ground within the first days and the technical skills—power tools, principles of building design—were so helpful.”

“The Energy Works training was a very positive experience,” Nicole said.  “I don’t think anything could have prepared me better.  I am so grateful that the State of Vermont recognizes the benefits of weatherization and is investing in this training as a service to their citizens.”

“Nicole was actively engaged during all parts of the weatherization/job skills training,” said Jeff Nerney, Energy Works Coordinator. “I believe she has a bright future in the green economy.”

Learn more about our upcoming Energy Works trainings.  Contact Jeff Nerney at [email protected] or (802) 779-0057.

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