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Ryley: I’m determined to get ahead


Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2022, at 8:27 PM

“It’s easy to get by,” Ryley said.  “Anybody can get by, but it’s hard to get ahead.  I’m determined to get ahead.”

Ryley, age 28, is a recent graduate of VAL’s Energy Works Weatherization Training.  She and her partner live with their children near Rutland, Vermont.  Adopted as a child, Ryley experienced some rough patches along the way.  She is committed to living her life and doing right by those she loves and who love her.

“I graduated high school early and enrolled in the automotive program at Vermont Technical College (VTC).  I really enjoy cars,” Ryley said.  “We learned how cars are a series of systems that work together.  We took an engine apart and then put it back together.”

Ryley left VTC after her first semester.  Commuting to Randolph while juggling schoolwork and parenting became untenable.  She worked a series of what she refers to as “dead end jobs” in construction, food service, etc. She’s at a point where she’s making deliberate, positive choices for herself and her family as they seek to establish  firm economic footing.

“Everything I need to do in my life requires money,” Ryley said.  “I want to get my kid and myself and my family to a better place.  I’m tired of the daily financial struggle, the stress.”  

Ryley really enjoyed the three-week  Energy Works Weatherization Training.  She found staff to be positive and enthusiastic, keeping the content interesting.  Hands-on learning and free lunch were added perks.  Ryley plans to use her new construction skills to launch her own property management company.

“Ryley was the first to arrive at class each day,” said Jeff Nerney, Energy Works, Program Coordinator..  She was eager to learn and was very involved with the crew during job shadows.

Learn more about Ryley’s business, N.E.W.S. Property Services, at [email protected] or by calling (802) 779 5443.

Learn more about our upcoming Energy Works trainings.  Contact Jeff Nerney at [email protected] or (802) 779-0057.

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