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Student Writing: My Heart is Yours


Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 4:04 PM

Paco is a Vermont dairy farm manager and ELL student at VAL.  He was born in Mexico and writes poetry in English and Spanish.  VAL is fortunate that Paco is willing to occasionally share his poetry.  This work is an expression of gratitude for the help Paco received following a cardiac event.  We are grateful he is on the mend.

My Heart is Yours

My heart feels flooded with love 

I cannot find the right words

To express everything I feel 

Because now I know I’m not alone 

Without even knowing me

You supported me and gave me your hand

The one I held that helped me to carry on

You are a great human being to me

You, who during this tribulation in my life

You gave me words of encouragement

You shared your time with me

You showed me new ways to give and receive love

Yes, you who protected me without concern for your own safety

Because you knew that I needed you

Today, with tears in my eyes

I can honestly testify

My heart is stronger 

My heart is yours!

© Vermont Adult Learning

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