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Emily Gokey Nominated for COABE* Outstanding Adult Learner Award


Posted on Wednesday, December 16, 2020, at 3:44 PM

Emily Gokey has been a VAL student since January 2018. She has been an extraordinarily dedicated student with regular attendance at VAL, and has received nearly 600 hours of instruction and other services to date. She has completed most of her credits toward her diploma, with only a few remaining, and is on schedule to graduate in June 2021 or earlier.

In addition to her studies at VAL, Emily holds down a full-time job and spends many additional hours caring for her young godson. Her learning experiences, which have included courses in math, financial literacy, and child development, have contributed to her family’s education as well. Sometimes her relatives are present during her videoconference classes, and her lessons turn into lessons for the whole family. Emily has demonstrated improvement in leadership and self-initiative, becoming increasingly self-confident and engaged in her education as the months have gone by. 

Emily has overcome many obstacles in pursuing her learning, including financial hardship, physical and mental health issues, and family-related challenges. She is determined to complete her education despite these hardships. Although her lessons have been remote since March, prior to then, Emily was supportive and helpful with other students when she was in the learning center with them. She contributed productively to her math classroom and she encouraged other students to persist at VAL. Finally, Emily has offered to tutor other students when our center re-opens, even if it means returning as a post-graduate volunteer!

In summary, Emily is a hardworking VAL student who has completed most of her coursework, contributed positively to her own household as well as to VAL, and exhibited outstanding academic and personal growth. She deserves recognition as an outstanding adult learner. We are proud to nominate her for this award.

Written by Lori Carswell, Teacher, VT Adult Learning – Windsor County

*Coalition On Adult Basic Education

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