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An Unusual Spring


Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, at 6:33 PM

Lijun Huang, a student of Joy Gaine at VAL’s White River Junction Learning Center, is from Xiamen, a port city on China’s southeast coast.

This year’s winter, there is no legendary cold, after mid-February, the temperature gradually warmed up, until late March, there was finally a slightly bigger snow.
The snow began to fall in the afternoon, it grew bigger and bigger, and the snowflakes covered the whole lawn, wrapped around the whole house, and the sidewalks and driveways were out of sight. After supper, my family took the sled to the next yard, where there was a steep slope where we could sled. We are lying on the sled and rushing down the hillside, the tiny snowflakes splashed in front of my eyes, and the light of the neighbor’s house came out from the big window, as dim as the street lamp. It was quiet all around, only the snow kept falling.

Because of COVID-19, we have isolated ourselves at home for a month. Except for an hour of walking every afternoon and going out to buy vegetables every two weeks, we stay at home the rest of the time. A rare heavy snow makes our life a little happier. Every day is very busy, cooking, reading and cleaning, occasionally look out of the window, the red tree buds just appeared on the branches, indicating that spring has come.

This is an unusual spring, most of the countries and people in the world are involved in the same storm, “one world, one dream” is not just a slogan, looking forward to everything passing as soon as possible, spring blossoms. 

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