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VT’s Adult Education and Literacy Network – Advocating for Learners Statewide


Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2024, at 5:49 PM

Did you know Vermont Adult Learning is the largest of four Adult Education and Literacy providers around the state? Over the last few years, we have been working more closely as a network with Central Vermont Adult Education, Northeast Kingdom Learning Services, and The Tutorial Center to advance advocacy efforts at the statehouse to help legislators understand our learners and the positive impact adult education can have on one’s well-being and economic stability. Check out the above infographic for some statistics of interest and testimonials from our learners!

Over the course of the latest Legislative Session, a major change was enacted for adult education providers. The program known as High School Completion will be sunsetting and re-designed as the Adult Diploma Program. One of the major changes is less emphasis on hitting specific test scores to qualify for the program. This is great news for the many individuals with diverse and often misunderstood learning needs who struggle with trauma from test-related pressures and a history of being made to feel their value is inherently tied to a score! For providers like VAL however, this will translate to less of the much-needed unrestricted funding providers have come to rely on for administrative operating costs.

With just over two weeks left to our fiscal year, we hope you will help us reach our fundraising goal by sharing the link to our VALue Learning campaign and telling your friends and family about the work being done by Vermont’s Adult Education and Literacy Network to help underserved Vermonters pursue the education and skills needed to contribute more fully to their families, communities, and workplaces. If you haven’t yet made a contribution yourself, there’s still time – show your support for adult learners with a gift to VAL today!

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