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Student Writing: Summer English Class in Burlington


Posted on Monday, September 18, 2023, at 7:47 PM

This summer, Maureen Cavanaugh and Julia DiPietro co-taught a summer English class with a focus on learning about the Burlington community. Here is their students’ story, written by a fantastic group of students!

Summer English Class

This summer we visited five important places in Burlington. 

The first place we walked to was the Fletcher Free Library.

We got library cards. We borrowed books. It was our first time talking as a group.

The second place we visited was Church Street. We saw four murals. The biggest mural showed Vermont’s four seasons. We saw the Crow Bookstore, eight restaurants, Ben and Jerry’s and CVS.  We learned how to order coffee and juice from Petit Bijoux. We sat at the tables and drank our coffee and juice. 

The third place we explored was ECHO Science Center. We bought tickets to the science center. We saw many things including frogs, a small snake, turtles, an eel, and different kinds of fish. We saw many boats in the marina. 

The fourth place we visited was the Flynn Theater. We saw many different languages on the door, welcoming us to the theater, but there was no Spanish.  We saw the main stage and many seats. We saw the dance studio and the Black Box Theater, where the children were making a play with costumes. We saw the gallery and took photos of each other.

The last place we walked to was City Hall. We saw the Burlington flag. It is blue, green and white. We talked with the CEDO director, Brian. He talked about the system of government. He asked us what the city government can do to help us. We talked about our stories. It was emotional. 

We took pictures in City Hall Park. We saw the fountain, flowers, and benches in City Hall Park. We were happy. It was a good experience to visit these places this summer. We were able to talk more with other students. We are not from the same countries, but we were able to make new friends. 

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