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Staff Profile: Ashlee


Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2023, at 12:00 PM

Meet Ashlee, one of the friendly folks working with adult learners in Addison County! Get to know Ashlee in the latest installment of our staff Q&A series.

Name: Ashlee Monk

Role at VAL: Student Support Specialist and Center Coordinator in Addison County

Educational Background: I hold an A.A. in General Education from Brevard Community College, a B.A. in Elementary Education from Flagler College, and an M.Ed. in Counselor Education from the University of Central Florida.

Interesting past job? I used to administer cognitive tests for a psychiatrist’s office for patients who were suspected of having dementia or for those with traumatic brain injuries. The doctor I worked for left me with advice that has stuck with me for 20 years, “Just because something is hard, doesn’t mean it’s bad.”

What is a unique hobby or interest you have? My hobby is collecting new hobbies.

Last book you read? The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love by Sonya Renee Taylor

How do you enjoy spending your free time? Spending time with my family, going on walks with my friends, cooking or eating a good meal, watching Korean television, crafting, traveling, listening to music, and snuggling with my pets.

How long have you worked for VAL? Since July 2023.

Finish this sentence – I look forward to working with VAL because… I want to be a part of the transformation that occurs when our students go from “I can’t” to “I did.”

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