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Fitness Reflections: How VAL Students Benefit from Physical Education


Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 9:42 PM

Adult learners are no exception when it comes to getting those PhysEd credits! High School Completion students from our Springfield Learning Center recently shared some reflections on physical education and how learning about health and fitness has benefited them:

“Focusing on my personal fitness has made me realize (more than I already knew) how out of shape I was and how poor my diet was. After starting an exercise and stretching routine many of my muscles became very sore from lack of use. I feel my mood started to improve some after starting the exercise and diet changes which was a big pro for me. I have to say I think the greatest benefit of exercise is improved mood and feeling like you have more energy. Which is great, because who doesn’t want more energy to be able to do more of the things you enjoy and love in life? Also accomplishing more during the day really helps get you ready for bed when the time comes, and who wouldn’t love some improved sleep quality!” 


“To me, physical fitness means getting your body moving in healthy ways, fitness doesn’t always mean extreme workouts. One way I get physical activity is by doing yoga and running. Both of these forms of fitness help me feel better and keep my body feeling and looking the way I want it to. While making the effort to be active I try to remember working out is just for me and only do what feels best. Working individually in this class, keeping tabs on myself and the work I’m doing to stay on track has helped me maintain a better workout schedule. Hopefully, I can keep up with the workout after it’s over. I will continue to log my workouts for my own personal benefit. I have found that logging it somewhere helps me. I can view my progress in a different way. I have definitely noticed a mood improvement.” 


“Personal fitness to me means loving yourself. Taking care of yourself and your health is the most loving thing you can do for you. Making sure to eat healthy and to exercise, go for walks, do yoga, lift weights, etc., benefits you in so many ways that’ll positively change your life. It’s its own form of therapy. The morale boost and the mental high you get from taking care of yourself is like none other. I think that exercise being so rooted within loving yourself can make it harder at times, especially if you struggle with self-doubt, self-esteem, or confidence. However, over time one can hopefully face and work through those struggles and allow themselves to grow.” 

Personal fitness isn’t just for students in the High School Completion Program! Farther south, English Language Learners are finding community and camaraderie through team sports. VAL students living in Bellows Falls came together to form the Clucking Crusaders and participated in the Connecticut River Valley Baseball League by playing on a team sponsored by their employer, Hubbard LLC. It was an exciting opportunity for the players – most of whom were beginners – to engage in a team sport and learn how to play ball together.

Another group of students from Brattleboro participate in a local soccer league as the New Vermont Sons. With a common language of English, the team consists of 18 students from Eritrea, Congo, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Other English Language Learners at the Brattleboro Multicultural Community Center (MCC) practice yoga once a week. The MCC is a location where students can get support in a multitude of areas through a partnership between ECDC, VAL, and World Learning. ECDC accepts donated bicycles and kindly provides them (and helmets!) to VAL students for use as transportation and recreation.

Whether through individual exercise routines or the support of teammates, these experiences foster a sense of community, well-being, and personal growth. We look forward to seeing the continued success of our learners both on and off the field!


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