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Energy Works Job Training: Next class starts January 10th in Rutland


Posted on Thursday, December 16, 2021, at 10:10 AM

Trevor Arthur, a 39-year-old Rutland resident is excited. After completing Vermont Adult Learning’s (VAL) Energy Works workforce development training, he quickly landed a job as a Weatherization Crew member.

Trevor’s last job was in hospitality, cleaning guest rooms and working the front desk at a hotel. He took time off to address health issues. He cared for his daughter and performed community service during that time, fixing bicycles, a hot commodity particularly during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Trevor’s new job affords him full-time employment, benefits, and a significant raise in his hourly wage.  

“I’m earning drastically more and there’s room to advance,” Trevor said. “My daughter would sometimes ask me, ‘Dad, what do you do?’ I was so excited to tell her about my new job!”

David Keefe, the weatherization trainer, is a past recipient of the Linda Wigington Leadership Award that celebrates visionary leaders doing extraordinary work in sustainable energy. Keefe has over three decades in the field as a practitioner, educator and leader. Energy Works is exceedingly fortunate that he is providing classroom and hands-on training for the three-week weatherization modules.

“Trevor is curious and likes to understand how things work, and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty,” Keefe said. “I also got the sense that he likes the idea of helping folks, and that’s a big part of what the weatherization program is all about.”

VAL is recruiting participants, ages 18 and older, for its next three-week weatherization training session starting Monday, January 10 in Rutland. Contact Jeff Nerney at [email protected] or call (802)779-0057 for more information or to sign up.

VAL’s Mission is to create an innovative, inclusive and equitable learning environment that provides personalized opportunities for education and career development for Vermont residents by building relationships, strengthening communities, and fostering life-long learning. Learn more at www.vtadultlearning.org. Energy Works is supported by the Johnson Family Foundation, the Vermont Low Income Trust for Electricity, and the Bowse Health Trust.

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