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Vermont Adult Learning helps adult learners, ages 16 and older, acquire reading, writing, math, and computer skills to earn high school diplomas/GEDs. We teach English Language Learners skills to advance educationally and at work. We engage in workforce development. Our services are offered at no cost and are available in person and online.  Text VAL to 833-900-0907 or contact a Learning Center nearest to you to learn more!

Interested in remote learning? Check out VAL’s Online Learning Center (OLC) course catalog.

Note for in-person learning: We no longer require masks in our learning centers. Anyone at high risk or wishing to continue wearing a mask for other reasons is welcome to do so. We will continue to have masks available in our centers for those who need them.

Those who choose to wear a mask do so because it is a decision they have made for their health and safety. Vermont Adult Learning expects that decision to be respected. If you have concerns about your safety, please let us know so we can discuss options to address them.

Learning Matters Blog and VAL Updates

Students Speak: I’m really looking forward to being able to take my daughter to the park again (6/1/2020) - The coronavirus pandemic has affected me in several ways. One way it’s affected me is that it’s made it very difficult to buy essential items that I need because other people are panic buying. For people like me who, unfortunately, only have state assistance for income, it makes it hard to get what we need when everyone is stocking up on unnecessary stuff that’s most likely going to go bad before they can use it all. I can’t even buy tissue for my household because people are going around buying 5 or 6 12-packs at a time. One 12-pack of…

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Students Speak: Covid-19 changed my family’s daily routine (5/26/2020) - I have been through other pandemics: SARS, H1N1, Ebola and Zika. Those were nothing like Covid-19. This virus has changed my family's daily routine. Never did I think I would be home, teaching my kids. I have taken on extra roles; I am now a mother, teacher, lunch lady, principal and a janitor. I don’t mind my kids being at home, but what I do mind is all the fun things they are missing. My son, a freshman in high school, just missed a trip to Canada. He was really looking forward to that. My daughter, an eighth grader, was…

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“Don’t underestimate the value of prior experience” (5/13/2020) - Chris is a striver. He was in high school when his girlfriend got pregnant.  He had a summer job as an assistant manager at a convenience store.  Chris decided to continue working, forfeiting his senior year of high school.  He didn’t want to be a burden to anyone. Chris embraced parenting and is an involved dad.  When at his child’s pediatric appointment, he mentioned he wanted to get a better job and the nurse suggested he apply for a position at her husband’s place of employment.  Soon after, Chris began a long-term career working for a small automotive parts delivery…

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“VAL is open to us immigrants with unconditional help. I really appreciate that.” (5/5/2020) - Meet Jolana, an English Language Learning Student from Slovakia My story began many years ago. I came to the USA for the first time to see my brothers and I had no idea I would be anchored here for long. Simply, a teacher from Slovakia wanted to know the country of her favorite heroes from U.S. History and novels, such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, General George Patton, General Ulysses Grant, and Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer. I was looking forward to learning the art and culture of ordinary people overseas.  New York struck me with a fast pulse. Many…

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Giving Tuesday Now: 5/5/20 (4/28/2020) - Tuesday, May 5th is designated as #GivingTuesdayNow. The intention is to lend support to nonprofits in this disquieting time of the COVID-19 Pandemic. With so many Vermonters having lost their jobs, Vermont Adult Learning has seen an uptick in requests for services. We've been nimble as an agency, shifting services to the virtual realm to maintain continuity with existing students while accepting new ones. We are using cell phones, iPads, chrome books and laptops to facilitate instruction, training and academic advising. We're getting technology into the hands of students who need it. Students are progressing towards their goals. Participants are…

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